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Don't worry if you don't understand the terms used below, e.g., stars, do-si-do, baskets. All the dances are walked through before the music starts and then called throughout the dance. A glossary booklet is available.

This is a rough guide to the number and style of dances that may be done in a three to four hour event, mainly for people less familiar with dancing at ceilidhs or barn dances. A more complicated set of dances can be put together for more regular dancers who enjoy a wider selection. If you know of a dance or set of dances that you would like to put into an event please let me know and I will endeavour to include them. For example, at weddings you may want to start with a waltz to allow the bride and groom to start the dancing, and include Haste to the Wedding. A St. Patrick's Night (March 17th) or Burns' Night (January 25th) may want a slant towards Irish or Scots dances and music. However I do not do Scottish Dance events: they tend to be more specialised.

We prefer to finish by 11.30pm. (Playing and calling is exhausting work!) However, if an event starts to fade as people get tired / go home, it is preferable to finish a bit earlier than to struggle on and keep trying to make up sets.




Djatchko Kolo Kolo A simple, warm-up, circle dance from the Middle East, without partners.

Farmer's Jig 4 couples longways The dance starts with a walk, and then gallop up the room. There is a cast on both sides and an arch at the bottom of the set.

Trip to Barford 4 couples longways Lines advance and retire, then do-si-do. There is a star formation in the centre of the set, while the end couples dance around them.

Cumberland Square Eight 4 couples square This is a local favourite. Alternating pairs of couples do circles, stars and baskets. All then circle the set and finish with a promenade.

Coming Round the Mountain 4 couples square An American square with couples each taking a turn to lead, doing circles, stars, baskets and a do-si-do.

Lucky Seven Circle with partners Partners in a large circle advance and retire, then do a grand chain with sometimes interesting results.

Break ½ hour or so.
(A supper break in an evening dance)

Gay Gordons Circle with partners A traditional Scottish dance. Partners promenade and turn.

Swedish Masquerade Circle with partners A rather romantic, couple dance with waltzing and polka steps.

Waves of Tory 5 couples longways Lines advance and retire, followed by a dip and dive sequence.

Bridge of Athlone 5 couples longways Similar to above, but at an increased tempo with arches and swings.

Dashing White Sergeant 3 facing 3 Circle the set then in lines set and swing, walk a reel, advance and retire and move on to a new opposing three.

Gingerbread 3 facing 3 Similar moves, but there is a more complicated sequence of swings and stars.

Lovers Knot 4 couples longways A great deal of fun! Lines of men, and then ladies, circle the set. The top couple weaves between the others to the bottom of the set.

The Willow Tree 8 couples longways A bit more complicated, but great fun. This dance has a strip the willow sequence in it, done from both ends to the middle.

Circassian Circle Circle with partners A traditional finishing dance.

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