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We want you to enjoy your event, so we have a variety of dances and mix them in sets that feel as though they go together.

We very often start with simple dances so that people who are uncertain can become comfortable with a new medium. The caller walks you through and calls the dance as you do it.

In the early dances you will be introduced to the vocabulary of dance and learn how to do a do-si-do, star or basket. This promotes enjoyment as you revisit moves later.

The dances are a mix, mostly from around Britain - jigs and reels, marches and set dances. Their names may be familiar like Dashing White Sergeant, Strip the Willow and Cumberland Square or less so, as in Trip to the Wall from Northumberland and Cornish Six-Hand Reel. There may even be some morris!

Click here to see a typical list of the dances we use.

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